Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vine pruning and other things

                                           My sweet new bike

There is a park near my house with vines pruned in all of the different ways they have been since grapes have been around.

                                           A low lying type of pruning good for cold because you can bury it in the                                                 winter.
                                                     Pruning for very steep vineyards good because you can walk in a                                                      zigzag between the vines.

                                           Name: Niedere Pfalzer Erziehung, Another low lying pruning style for                                                      cold weather. very hard to harvest though.

                                          Name: Offene Lyraerziehung, This style is good for allot of grapes.
                                                     Baumerziehung: the first style of grape training ever not very practical
                                           Geschlossener Kammertbau: A roman style good if you don't                                                                    have any metal.
                                          A trellis
                                           Pergola: Another non-metal style.
                                            Hone Pfalzer Erziehung: a primitive type of metal trellis.
                                           Offener Kammertbau: Another non-metal style.

                                           Don't have much info on those last two.
                                                     Flachbogen: not that different from the pruning around                                                                              here think it is good for mechanical pruning.
                                           Umkehrerziehung: don't know the story behind this.
                                           Just some cool looking vines don't know what their called.
                                           Vineyard snails good for making escargot.


  1. Wow! What a cool bunch of grapes! He He
    Love your new bike! Thanks for posting pictures, keep it up!!!

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